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Loose slot machines online or in Vegas – is this possible to find?

The ultimate goal for a slot player is finding the loosest slots Las Vegas has to offer. If they cannot go there, the best chance they have is to find a loose machine amidst the vast array of machines on their local casino floor. Some gamers go as far as to equate the task to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack while others think it is more like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Players spend nights dreaming of finding the best slots in Vegas but few achieve their goal.

Whereas it is true that you can find loose slots online and in Las Vegas, there are also many myths doing the rounds that are associated with where these loose slot machines are situated on the casino floor. In this article, we will be looking at a few myths and the reasoning behind them, and also what truths you can believe when looking for loose slot machines online or in Vegas.

Some people swear that all loose slots in Las Vegas or elsewhere are the machines placed by the entrance. People reason that if the casino executives place the loose slots near the entrance, passers by will see players winning from outside, and this will lure them to come inside and play. This myth probably started with people looking for the best Las Vegas slot payouts, as casinos there are within walking distance of each other. Over there, people often walk down the street, spot slot machine casinos where players are winning, and walk into the casino.

Some people believe that the slots avenue casino machines near the table games are always tight. The reason people believe this is that they think that the slot machines in Las Vegas that make a noise will distract the more serious table game players. Another reason for this belief is that they reckon most table game players might be tempted to splurge any remaining coins after they leave the table and are on their way home or to the cashier’s cage.

Others believe that machines at the end of the slots machine rows are loose. People think that when players win at these more noticeable tables, other players will join into the row to play the machines. In the same line of thought, others also think that machines near the buffet or showroom will be tight, as these machines will have a captive audience waiting in line for food or a show. They may be tempted to play a few coins to kill time while they wait. These machines might be tight because they can’t leave the area to play other machines.

When playing at online slot machine casinos, people often play the most popular slots or progressive jackpots. They look at how much each game pays out, and pick their machine accordingly. Whereas it’s true that you can easily pick a loose online slot, you have to realize that these slots often pay out less. The truth is that the more often a machine pays out, the less it will pay out per time.

Multi-Line Slots For USA Players

Multi line slots represent a special type of online casino game which unfortunately not many players really know or understand when they play. This is an online casino game where there is tremendous potential to win provided you know how the system works. Here are four hot tips on how to maximize your profits at multi line slots. Apply these to your multi line slots game and see how you multiply your winnings.


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